In late 2007, almost two years into a six year prison sentence I was placed in the the Solitary Housing Unit to separate me from my two co-defendants. We were being accused of plotting future crimes. The real reason however was that the powers that be thought we were having too much fun together. The warden had grown tired of seeing us laughing and playing.

While in the SHU  I managed to acquire a few things. First the paper and pens allowed me to draw, and then a roll of masking tape allowed to me to compose a large drawing spread out over 16 pieces of copy paper taped to the wall. Few times in my life have I felt so free and so happy to wake up and draw all day for weeks.  

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I had never drawn anyone purely from memory before. Lipka was easy, as I had been drawing him a lot, but with Borsuk I had to do many versions, adjusting them slightly and thinking about his features and how to animate his face in the way I wanted.  I remember the excitement when it suddenly became his face on the page.

 One of the inmate orderlies gave me a busted uni ball pen.  I removed the ink cartridge and then fashioned a quill from the foil of an allergy pill pack.  The varied expressive line of the figures was all made by this makeshift prison quill pen.