Murals  2016-2019

    My mural work dates back to 2005. While on Federal pre trial probation I managed to paint two murals outside of an art gallery in downtown Lexington. In prison the closest I came to painting a mural was helping with the visiting room picture backdrop for the Federal Prison in Fort Dix NJ.   

  Once back in the real world I got invited to attend a mural class by the Italian painter Hitness who was doing a mural tour featuring Audubon birds.  I learned a lot and saw that what he was doing was nothing beyond my capabilities. I wanted to paint my own mural, but I felt like my options were limited on the local level.   

            Around this time it became necessary for me to take a trip to Latin America. I needed  to exercise my second language and maybe it would offer an opportunity to paint a mural. I found an Airbnb in Cali Colombia that seemed cheap and the host was willing to let me use it as a studio. Why Cali of all places? I always had the name in my head because my colombian friend Pepe who I studied spanish with for 3 years was from there.


    It was only after I bought plane tickets that I thought to check out what the city had to offer.  Youtube videos gave it good reviews but highlighted the popularity of plastic surgery and Salsa dancing. Then I checked to see if there was birding, and that's when I saw that I had hit the jackpot. Without even realizing it I had stumbled upon a city located in one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet.   In fact Colombia has more bird species than any other country in the world.  I then saw that Cali was host of the second annual Colombia Birdfair and it was only a month after I would arrive, I wrote to some of the administrators and offered my services for a mural. They were excited by the prospect and plugged me in to a local mural collective.  I painted a 3 by 9 meter mural on panels for the Cali International airport.  I then painted two more murals before leaving the country to go back to Kentucky.


With this experience in hand I returned to Kentucky with belief that I would be given an opportunity to paint a mural there. I wanted the chance to show my home town how far I had come from the kid who robbed the Transylvania Library .  In the end it was my connections within the local Audubon clubs that led to the opportunity to paint a mural for PRHBTN a local street-art promoter. They had seen my artwork and Cali murals and were interested in meeting me about painting a wall.   


I am currently working on my largest mural yet located at an eco lodge in the cloud forests of the western Andes.  It focuses on native plant species of interest and will eventually include partly hidden birds feeding and skulking throughout the work. 

If you are interested in having me paint a mural in your area please send me a message through my contact page.