Neighborhood Nature Sanctuary  


Hello! My name is Spencer Reinhard, I am an artist and member of The Audubon Society of Kentucky.  I have lived in Cumberland Hill for twenty years. Maybe you have seen me out on my bike, walking dogs, or staring up into a tree with binoculars. 


 We have seen our Oaks mature. Our lawns stay lush and green. We enjoy beautiful spring flowers and bright fall Leaves.  But only in the past few years did I come to realize how many bird species can be seen within our Community.  We have birds that are common like Cardinals, Chickadees and Titmouse, and many more that are less well known.  Did you know we are often visited  by Cedar Waxwings, Golden Crowned Kinglets, Baltimore Orioles and over a dozen migrating song birds? With diligence Kentucky and Blackburnian Warblers can be found in the spring and fall, eating worms and insects in our native shrubs and trees. 

at Cumberland Hill

Kentucky Warbler 

Blackburnian Warbler 

       It is my interest in birds that has made me take a look at what we are planting in our yards. A bird's diet is made up mostly of insects which they look for in native trees and plants. To raise one baby bird it is estimated a mother must supply over 8,000 caterpillars before it can feed itself.   Our native species of trees and plants are what these animals depend on for survival.  


       Every day there is more information coming out showing that living among trees and nature is essential for our health.    The Urban Tree Canopy in Lexington is estimated to be worth over 30 million dollars a year.  Trees filter storm water, reduce pollution, and purify our air.  A healthier environment for birds means a healthier environment for all of us.  That is why I hope you will join me in starting a Neighborhood Nature Sanctuary here in Cumberland Hill. 



How it works

Cape May Warbler 

All you have to do is designate at least 5' X  5' of your yard to native grasses, flowers, shrubs or trees.  Once we have sufficient land, an Arborist will conduct a free site survey of the entire sanctuary. Each member will recieve a list of plant options best suited for their piece of land.  Assistance and advice will be available to help you acquire the plants and get them in the ground correctly. 

          Already we have been promised over 75 feet of private land for the preserve!  Help Cumberland Hill become the home of the first Neighborhood Nature Sanctuary.


Have a flooding problem in your yard? A rain garden can be an easy and environmentally friendly option to stop erosion from storm water runoff.  Some beautiful native wildflowers are tolerant of wet soils. They can stop storm water and allow it to soak into the ground naturally. By joining the NNS you will be provided with free advice and assistance on how to make a rain garden in your yard. 

How it will benefit you!


 - Community building 

 - Connection to nature 

 - Contribute to a healthy environment 

 - Support the food chain 

 - Increase your property value 

 - Education for children

 - More birds and butterflies

 - Free advice and support from experts

 - Lower Health care costs. 

 - Reduce storm water erosion 





As development continues around our city and neighborhood, it is more important than ever that we provide native plants for the species that depend on them. We have an opportunity to be at the forefront of a community program designed to turn our neighborhood into a sanctuary for native birds and butterflies. We can improve the health and well being of our community through a network of small scale nature sanctuaries.

Veterans Park 

Fact: Our Pin Oak Trees are dying of Bacterial Leaf Scorch.  In 10 to 15 years many of them will be gone 

Don't worry, the NNS will not change the overall look of our neighborhood!

Want to Join the NNS? 


  •  Email today and let us know how much land you would consider pledging. Every piece will make a difference and proposed land does not have to be contained in one spot.

  • You don't want to pledge land of your own? There will be many other ways to help and be involved! 

  • You already think your yard qualifies to be part of the preserve? Thats great! We will include you.

  • We want to welcome anyone that can bring experience and expertise.





  •  Email me. I look forward to hearing from people curious about this project.

  •   A neighborhood meeting will be held at some point in the near future. 




NNS Agreement 


  •   By joining the NNS, you commit to normal yard maintenance of your part of the sanctuary.  Maintenance requirements will vary greatly depending on what you choose to plant.  And remember, you will have less lawn to mow.

  • Only native plants can be considered part of the sanctuary.  (exceptions may occur)

  •  Collaborating with your neighbors on the size and scale of your sanctuary is encouraged. 

  • We want everyone to be involved, the regulations for joining are very open and flexible.


Sign up!

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I would like to thank all of the people in the community who helped and guided  me in my preperation for starting this project.

All the great people in WildOnes lexington chapter were so wonderful and supportive. 

Stacey Borden the Arborist. All the neighbors who gave me a moment of their time and listenedd to what I had to say 


White Eyed Vireo 

Thank you for your time!